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    Suction card packing machine

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    BH-350F 轉盤式全自動吸卡包裝機

    Product Details

    BH-350F Rotating Disc Automatic Blister-card Packaging Machine
    It can be applied to the various kinds of packaging for products-stationery, industrial paperboard, plastic blister package widget, medical equipment, toys,battery, electronic product, automobile, motorcycle accessories, commodity, cosmetics, rubber products, tableware and cooker. For example: Medical injection, injection syringe, toy car, electronic torch, sparking plug, toothbrush, lipstick, mask, chopstick, shaver, scissor, hook, cleaning ball, bottle opener,correction fluid, ball-point pen, pencil, pencil sharpener, etc.
    It's especially suitable for companies with low production capacity that has various products and acquires changing molds frequently.
    Main Performance Characteristics
     The assembly line consists of blister molding machine and rotating heat-sealing machine.
     The positive/negative pressure molding, precise forming, make the product more beautiful.
     Automation helps save labor work and material.
     It uses servo motor drive steplessly and is easy to adjust
     The separate-type design makes it convenient to transport and is free out of the elevator
     Full humanity with low noise
     It's very easy to change the molds, thus improving the production efficiency
     Molds can be designed according to special needs and auto-feeding device is alternative
    Schematic diagram
    1、Plastic Material Releasing 2、Pre-heating 3、Forming 4、Cutting 5、Stripper 6、Material Scrap Edge Collecting 7、Tray conveying 8、Paperboard Placing
    9、Heat Sealing 10、Output

    Main technical parameters
    Cutting Frequency 10-25 times/min
    Adjustable Travel Range 35-160mm
    Max. Forming Area 340 x 160mm
    Max. Forming Depth 38mm(Special machine 50mm)
    Forming And Heating Power (Upper and Down) 1.8KW(x2)
    Sealing and Heating Power 3.5KW
    Total Power 380V 50HZ(480V 50HZ)10KW
    Main Motor Power 1.5KW
    Air Pump Volume Flow ≥0.6m3/min
    Packing Materials
    ≤400(Diameter) x 350(Width) x 0.2-0.5mm(Thickness)
    Paperboard ≤350x200xO.5mm (LxWxH)
    Overall Dimensions (3650x2500x1850) mm (LxWxH)
    Weight 1800Kg
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