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    Suction card packing machine

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    DPZ-320 紙卡型多功能包裝機

    Product Details

    DPZ-320 Paper Card Type Multi-functional Packaging Machine
    Main performances and structural features:
     Plate Heating: Shorten the heating time, to protect the molecular structure of PVC and Save Energy. The heating plate automatic opened when emergency
    stop, in voiding PVC too hot. Material: Adopt stainless steel heating tube note aluminum and have Anti adhesion coating.
     Forming device: oversized, deeply wrap page can choose the way that the convexity mould have an effectively stretches on PVC first, then using pressure
    forming, which make sure the thickness uniformity bright and clean of the blister. Forming mould material: aluminum alloy.
     Hot-sealing: The cylinder avoid pressure too heavy, to protect the transmission recoiling, heat sealing plate and cylinder rises together when the machine
    stopped, to avoid the wrap package overheating. Material: Adopt one Cr13 stainless steel.
     Trip Traction: Using mechanical traction different stroke length Is Digital adjusted, it's accurate and convenient
     Cutting: Adopting The bump mould scissors type, 20times/min Material: Cr12 Bearing steel.
     Variable speed adjustable: Taiwan inverter for stepless degree-speed adjustment, automatic overload protection function.
     Programmatic control: (1) Using imported PLC with touch screen (HMI) Unified programming controller.PLC Place of origin :TWAIWAN; (2) Automatic
    alarm function when the plastic (PVC), paper card is running out; (3) Equipped with automatic counters; (4) Front and back of the device is equipped with
    emergency stop switch which is safe and convenient.
     Hole machine cover is using lCrl8Ni9Ti(304) stainless steel.
     Waste, device: Horizontal 6mm, both side Smm, Automatic rewinding waste.
     The machine has a specialized system of care function: First turn off the suction paper card inside the PLC, preheat seal, heat sealing function, the automatic
    system of care.
     The machine can also be split, Convenient carrying.
     Double-layer extended the work surface, easy to clean internal closed.

    Main Technical Parameters
    Model DPZ-320 DPZ-260
    Cutting frequency 10-20plates/min 10-20plates/min
    Productivity 600-1200pieces/min 30-40pieces/min
    Max.forming area 260-300mm 130-240mm
    Max.forming depth 26mm 26mm
    Adjusting range of travel 200-300mm 40-160mm
    Width and thickness of PVC, PET320xO.15-0.45mm PVC, PET320xO.15-0.45mm
    Thickness of paper card 320x500g 250x500g
    Power supply 380V/5OHz, Main motorl 2.2 KW, Hot-sealing 10KW 380V/5OHz, Main motorl 1.5 KW, Hot-sealing 4.5KW
    Capacity of air compressor ≥0.52/min ≥0.252/min
    Overall size 6500xl000xl600mm 3000x700xl600mm
    Weight 4000Kg 2000Kg

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